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I grew up an only child in a land of long winters.  Television came late to our living room, but floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, musical instruments, and a large record collection were fixtures as far back as I can remember. C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Lloyd Alexander, and Dumas père were early favorites, as well as a deep interest in myth and folk tale.  

 It was no surprise I went from high school straight into an honours English degree.  This was nirvana. I put my nose in a book for four years and got credit for it. Then I went to business college and joined planet Earth.


When I discovered that editors would pay for my soapbox tirades as long as they were neatly typed and had a catchy opening, a decade-long sideline as an arts critic commenced. Who says one can’t put an English degree to good use? Somewhere in there I studied dance for fourteen years, played (and still play) harp and recorders in Celtic and early music ensembles, and wrote and costumed a masque for the Shakespeare Festival.

 For me, all artistic pursuits are an adjunct to storytelling. I wrote my first full-length novel in high school, mostly during social studies. More followed, with monsters, ghosts, and swashbuckling always somewhere in the genetic code.

Paranormal romance was a natural fit for my strengths as an author. Step into Darkness and Draw Down the Darkness, my first published novels, are both historical romances with strong magical elements and a generous helping of derring-do.  Other completed works include a contemporary series with a demon-busting agency and a vampire collections agent.

 I live in Victoria, British Columbia with two cats, three harps, and far too many books.


December 27, 2008